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It's Harder Not to.

When poet Carl Van Doren was asked if it was hard to write, he answered, "It's harder not to." Blog.

On these pages you will find descriptions and links to my various published writing projects along with bonus material. Also included is my extensive non-fiction work on the child murders in West Memphis.


Recent Works

Posted by: Martin Hill Ortiz, January 12, 2015

A Predator's Game, the sequel to A Predatory Mind is set to be released March 28, 2016 from Rook's Page Publishing. It is the sort of thriller I've wanted to write for years. Thoroughly researched, it is historically grounded and set in 1896 Manhattan.It features Nikola Tesla as a detective. More soon.

Posted by: Martin Hill Ortiz June 20, 2015

Never Kill A Friend is available from Ransom Note Press.

Posted by: Martin Hill Ortiz, March 1, 2015

Several exciting projects are nearing fruition. Never Kill A Friend, Ransom Note Press has a publication date set for June 15, 2015. Christian Alighieri, head of Ransom Note, has worked with me intensively on this project to help fashion a first-rate thriller.

As a breather from killers and psychos, I've been working on some children's books. They make for a great exercise in storytelling.

I've begun this website to pull together the various threads of my writing career. In the past twenty years I have run a theater, I have had works staged in New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Dublin among other places. I have won several awards for poetry. I have had about twenty short stories published. In more recent years I have focused on the novel.

In the past twelve months I have had one novel published, one novella and a three volume anthology of short stories. I have contracts for two more novels which should appear in 2015. It has been a good year. I hope you will enjoy the works detailed on these pages.