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A Predator's Game.
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Release, March 30, 2016.

Manhattan, 1896.

When the author Arthur Conan Doyle meets Nikola Tesla he finds a tall, thin genius with a photographic memory and a keen eye, and recognizes in the eccentric inventor the embodiment of his creation, Sherlock. Together, they team up to take on an "evil Holmes." Multi-murderer Dr. Henry H. Holmes has escaped execution and is unleashing a reign of terror upon the metropolis. Set in the late nineteenth century in a world of modern marvels, danger and invention, Conan Doyle and Tesla engage the madman in a deadly game of wits.

Never Kill A Friend, cover
Never Kill A Friend, 2015, Ransom Note Press.

Never Kill A Friend is a gripping tale of one woman’s fight against a system that is destroying an innocent man.police thriller. 

Detective Shelley Krieg has lived her entire life in Washington, DC. At six-foot-four, she’s the giantess of DC Metro—a tough cop who’s played by the rules on her long path to becoming a detective in the city she loves. But when Rafael Hooks is arrested for killing his brother, all the rules change. Shelley finds herself not only fighting the system but also questioning her relationships with her co-workers, her closest friends, and even her partner, Kent Bellotti.

It seems like an open-and-shut case: Raffi confesses to murdering his drug-dealing brother. But nothing is as it seems. Each time Shelley finds evidence to exonerate Raffi, new evidence arises to confirm his guilt. Fingerprints tying Raffi to multiple murders in both DC and neighboring Maryland suddenly appear out of thin air. And on his first night in lock-up, Raffi is nearly killed.

With no allies left at DC Metro, Shelley turns to her estranged friend Yasmira Tamer. Together Shelley and Mira uncover a web of deceit and corruption that links a Russian assassin, a high-paid DC call girl, and an urban Robin Hood who renovates his crack houses before donating them to the poor.

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Dead Man's Trail, cover
Dead Man's Trail, 2014

Dead Man's Trail is a western thriller novella available in soft cover edition from Seven Archons Press.

"Aces" Powell prospected in the Gila Mountains until he nearly went mad. Knowing the terrain, he is recruited by the sheriff to join a posse to hunt down the merciless killer, Coffin Jack. When Aces catches up with the posse he finds them all hanging from a tree. Thus begins a cat-and-mouse thriller between Aces and a savage killer set against a backdrop of the lawless west, where peace balances on a knife's edge and where vengeance takes on a life of its own.

Martin Hill Ortiz has written unnerving and irresistible novella of vengeance and justice in the Old West. This is a writer who knows how to wield the weapon of suspense. Dead Man’s Trail will remind you of the work of Larry McMurtry and Cormac McCarthy and will remind you as well of just why you started reading stories in the first place—to be transported to a world more vivid than the one you’re living in.  John Dufresne, No Regrets, Coyote

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A Predatory Mind
A Predatory Mind, Loose Leaves Publishing, 2013
Eight intelligent people are locked in an abandoned library, one is a murderer.
They believe by using reason, they can identify the killer.
They believe by not taking risks, they will be safe.
They are wrong.

     A Predatory Mind is a thriller imagining the consequences of a meeting between the eccentric inventor, Nikola Tesla and the notorious serial killer, Henry H. Holmes.

     In the 1890s, Tesla employed an invention to examine Holmes' mind. To his horror, Tesla realized he not only read the thoughts of Holmes, but received a part of his personality. The inventor halted his experiments, sealing his journals.

     More than a century later, Dr. Gordon Rickert, an unprincipled scientist, is recruited to replicate the research. Soon he and his colleagues discover that Tesla's device has more purposes and dangers than they had imagined. During their investigations they resurrect a long dead evil. Trying to undo the damage, they agree to lock themselves in together. Being killed off one by one, the investigators must determine who among them is harboring a predatory mind.

A Predatory Mind is available from Loose Leaves Publishing for purchase in soft cover or electronic editions.